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Indentation Studios is an independent development studio based in London, England. We were founded in 2019 wait, that's pretty recent by industry newbie Peter Murphy. We're well known as the creators of Project Combine, the simple PC gaming shopping experience, and are also working on some new super nifty stuff, which we can't quite tell you about yet. 😉

Indentation Studios was founded with the goal of making PC gaming easier, more accessible and more fun than ever before. We were frustrated with the fragmentation in the online game sales market and sought to create a great piece of software that unified all stores under one market place, making shopping, and saving money, easier than ever before. This isn't an exercise in profit raking, but moreover a tool made by gamers for gamers. We can't pretend to be a big company, we're not, but that's what makes us special: A passion project morphed into a business. We love writing our software, and hopefully you'll love using it, maybe even feel like we're back in the old days when exclusives were a console thing. Dirty peasants can't keep their grimy hands to themselves.

Project Combine

Project Combine combines pricing across all major PC game stores, including Steam, Uplay, Origin, Epic Games,, GOG, Humble Bundle,, Fanatical and the Microsoft Store. It also combines reviews from Steam, Metacritic, GOG, IGN and the Microsoft Store to provide a cohesive and unified shopping experience. We also show API and Linux support, Game Engines, Hardware Bias and Sponsored Titles. And it's free.

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